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This category has some of this and some of that hence the title miscellaneous!
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FinePet Dog Starter Set (6pcs) FinePet Dog Starter Set (6pcs)

All the essentials in this one kit for bringing home a new puppy or for a small dog. This is an economical choice for new pet owners and it makes a great gift. This convenient and fun puppy care package helps to welcome your new friend into your home.


* 1 Plastic Food Bowl
* 1 Plastic Water Bowl
* 1 Rope Chew Toy
* 1 1.5 x 120 cm Leash (for puppies or small dogs)
* 1 1.5 XL (25 - 40 cm) Collar
* 1 Soft Fleece Blanket

Our Price: $12.79
Emel Potty Trainer Puppy Potty Pad Emel Potty Trainer Puppy Potty Pad

This mat and tray system gives dogs a place to relieve themselves when they can't go outside. Ideal for Apartments. Great for dogs in poor health or mature dogs that are not as mobile as they once were.

3 Layer System:

* Grass mat- Soft artificial odor resistant synthetic grass
* Grid Tray- Formulated grid system for improved absorbency and efficiency
* Base tray- Removable catch tray to eliminate waste easily

Our Price: $15.49
Our miscellaneous category contains any non-electronic product that we believe you will love but that doesn't fit one of our specific categories.  These miscellaneous products can be anything, from things to clean your home or office, to pet products, to toys for your children.  You never know what you may find in here but you can always count on it containing products that are both useful and of high quality.